Most of emotions measuring systems are limited and do not consider all the required parameters to obtain precise and reliable results. All to often, we forget that the best way to quantify emotion is by reading informations flowing through the body, since emotions, above all, are signals helping an individual (and his body) to adapt in the environment.

Our neural system obtain sensorial informations from the environment (thanks to the sight, the hearing, the smell, the touch, the taste), and analysis have an impact on the organs that innervate, especially heart. HNL calls that physiology of emotions.

The systems of emotion quantification used nowadays ignore this physiology while it is essential in the emotional process. Science proved that every emotion arise out of or flow from a physiological change.
Some measurement system use facial expressions to link it to an emotion, though it is very sensible to measurement surrounding conditions (lighting, head position), and if the conditions are in place, the system still depend on the recorded subject behaviour. Indeed, emotional facial expression intend to communicate to others the emotional state we are in, and one is not forced to. Everybody is capable of remain unresponsive and to not express anything with its face even if one does feel internal changes. Think about the poker face !

Our technology in different from others solution : it works with an algorithm that evaluate emotional physiological influences on heartbeat in order to give precise and coherent result according to body reaction, because the heart never lies.

It is also a more convenient, quicker and more reliable way to measure emotions than filling up questionnaire requiring reflexion on how to answer as we think about the past. Moreover, our technology dismisses every measurement biases and only need the participant to live the experience, making the task easy and only asking to focus on the presented content.

Our technological solution also relies on innovation such as participants’ emotional skill evaluation in order to ponderate a physiological signal or a support from affective sciences experts.

Emotions of the consumers are fundamental features in the marketing product process, they allow us to evaluate the emotional motivators that will influence their purchase behaviour and lead it toward the purchasing action. Hence, it is significantly important to identify what motivators will push the consumers to purchase a brand product or another one.

This technological advance is a opportunity for you to improve your decision-making, reducing the margin of error and increasing the success rate of a project.