It is our emotions that build our memory, and our memory builds our experience, which builds our lives.

Advertising, Movies, Television, Music, Training, Video games, VR/AR, Internet sites…
wherever emotion is the first of the reflexes to activate HNL helps you decide.

Producers of audiovisual content (movies, advertising, documental-fiction, video games, virtual reality, advertising campaigns, music…);
marketing director; content purchasing manager:

You’re hesitating between 2 trailers, 2 musical intros and you want a concrete and objective analysis to be able to improve your content before starting production? Start the comparative study of your content.

External, internal or public or private sector firms:

Do you want to benefit from a new precursor tool based on the real commitment of your consumers, your users?
Become an HNL Expert and begin your studies.

Do you want to give your panelists an innovative, simple and practical tool that will allow you to reduce the volume of reporting methods?
You want to follow the meteoric change of your profession by enriching yourself with a new skill?

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