HNL is to emotions
what the watch is to the passing of time

Objective and non-intrusive measurement system for measuring emotional intensity


Analyze your emotions

What’s the point in keeping emotions for oneself ? Anna Gavalda If you did not inhibit them as a child, (trauma, unconventional education…) emotions are naturally and automatically expressed. Initially, one must learn how to feel an emotion; sometimes we do not pay attention to them, though they do exist (heartbeat speeding up, stomach ache, […]


How is HNL different?

Most of emotions measuring systems are limited and do not consider all the required parameters to obtain precise and reliable results. All to often, we forget that the best way to quantify emotion is by reading informations flowing through the body, since emotions, above all, are signals helping an individual (and his body) to adapt […]


Memory and emotions

Emotions have a crucial role in the construction of the memory and memories; a broken heart, a success, our deepest fears, are all reminders of unusual events, memorable and significant. Emotions also have a massive impact on the learning stage, which can be either positive or negative. A child entering a classroom wants to feel […]