HNL revolutionizes the survey.
A simple study device, de-materialized,
adaptable and almost instantaneous results

The HNL study

You want to have a consumer view on content that you will produce, you’re hesitating between 2 versions of ads and you need to make a quick decision?

Thanks to HNL, in a few hours, you will obtain reliable and objective results that will allow you to choose between two contents knowing the emotional commitment of each.

– Advertising films, trailers, music videos, perfume, space planning…. all types of content may be subject to an HNL study.
– A study is possible using a smaller panel (40 people are sufficient rather than 1000 in declarative studies) 10 people are enough
for a qualitative study.
– No complex installations: Once the patches are positioned and connected to a computer, the study is 100% de-materialized.
– The cost of the study depends on the number of participants to equip.
– The HNL study of emotion measurement is done on our online platform LENA.
– Lena will allow you to manage your HNLfriend panels, manage the content you want to measure, edit your study protocol and edit dynamic and static results ready to be analyzed.

Emotion is a sincere, reliable source

Start a study right away

You’re wondering if your new trailer generates more emotion than your direct competitor! It’s time to start your HNL study with LENA.

› First download our checklist.
› Choose your subscription, Lena is available from €799 per month (unlimited studies or study by one shot).

You do not want to do your study yourself contact an HNL expert or a member of the HNL team!

Together, we will define the precise protocol to conduct and we will accompany you throughout the whole process, from help in recruiting participants to the analysis of the results.


Whether you are Free-Lance, the boss of a big firm or the head of a marketing team with an advertiser!

Become an expert in measuring emotions!

You are a frequent contributor to a survey company and want to benefit from a new tool?
You want to enhance your internal marketing team by providing additional expertise to help
the team to make the right decision?
You want to be able to make recommendations to your customers based on an objective analysis of their projects?
Are you a major player in marketing research in your city, region, country or globally?

Become HNLx.

After 2-days of training, over a month, you will be able to lead an HNL study in an entirely 100% independent manner.

› Introduction to the specifics of “emotional marketing”
› HNL and LENA training: the HNL study and analysis platform
› Provision of a sensor

HNL Rates

Our LENA platform is a multidimensional system. We decided to make tailor-made rates according to your needs, your means and your ambition. You can use HNL ad hoc, by subscription, in a controlled or uncontrolled environment, on pre-recorded or live content… Make your request via our contact form, describing in a few words what you want to measure. We will contact you as soon as possible.

For the most curious here are some examples:

– A Starter Kit subscription to the LENA platform + a sensor starts at €799 plus tax, At this price the studies are unlimited.
– A Excellence subscription + 40 sensors for major study users will cost you from 14 999 per month, number of studies unlimited.

The “one shot” studies start at €799 plus tax

If you wish to entrust your study to an HNLexpert so that they can make recommendations to you, contact us, we will direct you to the most relevant facility, anywhere in the world.